Purificateur d'air photocatalyse Aube

Asthma, Allergies, Bacteria, Odors, Pollutants.

Treat yourself to the best air quality.

Purificateur d'air photocatalyse Aube

Filterless, silent, economical, elegant.

Treat yourself to the best air quality.

Air purifier for room

In a room

Silent, Aube will only be noticed by its elegance in your living room or bedroom.

Air purifier for car

In your cockpit

With its strongly adhesive pad, Aube purifies the air you breath in your car, caravan, boat…

Air purifier for office

At the Office

Do you spend long time confined in your office ? Breathe healthy, even at work.

Purificateur d'air sans filtre made in france

French Tech

The Aube air purifier had been created and developped in Normandy

Secured and warranted

This website integrates  a 3D secure payment system. The air purifier is 3-year warranted.

Wholesaler or Retailer ?

Do you want to spread Aube all around the world with us ? Feel free to contact us.